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Current Overview Of Sea Quest Kids Activity

The explosive interest in Sea Quest Kids all over the world is stunning!  The Marine Industry and many non marine related groups, such as schools and virtually every kind of organization that works with kids, now understand and have experienced the huge benefits of Sea Quest Kids, the little league of boating. With the exploding interest in Sea Quest Kids comes a much greater need for support from people with an understanding of the tremendous value of this type of activity for children.  

A key advantage for the marine industry is that in our experience, every time the children from a non boating family built their own boat and the parents saw the enthusiasm for boats and boating, the family went out and bought a manufactured boat within a year!!!

Before the recession hit in 2008, Sea Quest Kids traveled from 40-60,000 miles a year showing kids how to build boats as the Official Boat Building Program for the APBA Offshore, Super Boat International, Offshore Performance Association (OPA) and the Great Lakes Silver Cup offshore power boat racing series, the USA Water Ski Association, In His Wake Ministries and Making The Cut exhibition tour with Christi Overton & other world champions and Cypress Garden Water Skiers, and the Philadelphia Public School System, including Charter Schools such as People For People and the Maritime Charter School. Sea Quest Kids also work with the Offshore Super Series (OSS), the US Sailing Association Junior Olympics Program, United States Power Squadrons, Boy Scouts, America Sail Training Association (Tall Ships), Children’s Hospitals, most of the major boat shows, and numerous other organizations.

As you can see from the list of events that we go to, Sea Quest Kids is involved with many of the finest organizations in the country and going to many of the prime venues and largest cities. We are attracting a lot of attention and are often covered on television and radio, and written about in magazines and newspapers. Our sponsors get much mileage, as it were, from exposure with us.

Among our sponsors have been or are presently: 3M, The Home Depot, Inc., Boaters World, West Marine, Formula Boats, Fountain-Mercury Boats, Mercury Marine and Mercury Racing, Regal Boats, Phantom Boats, Sika Industries, the National Marine Manufacturers Association, Montano Motorsports, Montano Candies, WHM Motorsports, Total Marine, Big Thunder Racing, Lanier Harbor Marina & Restaurant, Cat Can Do Racing, Sea Doo Bombardier, most major boat shows, Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, Snap On Tools Canada, and more.

Sea Quest Kids is the largest boat building and water safety program for kids in the United States and worldwide. In two days or less, kids from five years old and up, including all special needs kids, build their own 10-foot Sea Quest 100 flat bottomed square ended scow-skiff, paddles, oars, mast, sail, sail rig, lee board, rudder system, and outboard motor bracket. The kids get boating safety trained as they build the boats and then become part of an international network of kids that have all built their own boats and have organized groups (teams) with ongoing events.

The events include sailing regattas, paddle and rowing races, fishing tournaments, overnight campouts, community service doing waterway cleanups, public speaking telling PTAs, Town Councils, Civic Associations why they are building boats and why is important to them, work with colleges and universities, doing aquaculture programs and collect data for university research projects, and show their own boats at boat shows. Some of our kids have even testified before the US Senate and the House of Representatives on boating and water safety issues.

This is “the” grass roots, low cost or no cost entry-level activity for kids including all special needs kids, to get into boating and water safety. We introduce children to a totally comprehensive package and encourage all kids from every background to mix with each other.  Our key advantages over other boat building activities is that we are one design, organized, ongoing, low cost or no cost, quick entry, National and International, and work with all kids regardless of background and special needs.

Sea Quest Kids is no overnight sensation, “flash in the pan”. We started in 1989 and it took twelve years of intensive development resulting in many advances in education, boating safety, and recreation for kids.  Once the details had pretty much been worked out, in February of 2002 we began introducing the marine industry and the worlds of education and recreation for kids to Sea Quest Kids Boating League!

Marine Trades groups around the country as well as the Coast Guard, Coast Guard Reserve, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Navy League, United States Power Squadrons, Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs, Schools, Churches, Yacht Clubs, Fishing Clubs, Marinas, and many other groups are showing great interest in getting Sea Quest Kids started throughout their areas. In Orlando, Florida we ran a pilot program for Scouts to go Eagle by a Scout building his own Sea Quest Kids boat and then showing Special Olympics, Easter Seals, and United Way kids how to build their own Sea Quest Kids boats and then how to use the boats safely and responsibly. Churches, children’s hospitals, community centers, schools, community and civic leaders, and politicians are excited about Sea Quest Kids!

We have also been asked to start Sea Quest Kids in every major nation.  We continually get requests to go to boat shows in Mexico, Spain, South and Central America, Europe, and throughout the Caribbean to show Sea Quest Kids and start Sea Quest Kids Boat Building and Water Safety.  Requests even include the Far East and the Middle East as well as all of Europe and Africa.

Not long ago we were asked by admirals of the Russian Navy to come to St. Petersburg, Russia to teach their children how to build Sea Quest Kids boats. For some time the Sea Quest Kids program has been planning to undertake Children’s Boat Building Diplomacy For The World. There is so much interest worldwide in Sea Quest Kids that it seems to be a realistic objective. Major marine industry supplier Sika Industries recommended the Sea Quest Kids boats for relief of Indigenous Fisherman of the Indian Ocean region after the tsunami in 2004. We should train you so that you can help us take Sea Quest Kids around the world.

Sea Quest Kids also produced the first boating and water safety video ever produced for kids in the US back in 1993.  Our current digital production firepower allows us to shoot in high definition film or video formats.  

Sea Quest Kids is part of Advance America Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity Education Foundation. Since 1989 we have built over 4000 boats and worked with more than 40,000 kids. We also work with the living legends of sailing. Charley Morgan, Halsey Herreshoff, Ted Hood, Everett Pearson, Gary Hoyt, and Peter Conrad, are all designing sails and rigs for the Sea Quest Kids boats. Our Kids are VIP guests at Offshore Power Boat Races, Volvo Ocean Race, and boat shows.

I hope that someday you get to meet Diego and Herman, both from Miami and paralyzed from the waste down. Sea Quest Kids met them at the Miami landing site for the Volvo Ocean Race (formerly the Whitbread) in 2002. When they saw the kids building boats, there was no stopping them. They dropped out of their wheel chairs and crawled on the ground for four and a half hours and built their own Sea Quest 100 scow skiff.

We have our own film and television division as one of our board members Pat Corbitt, was one of the original producers of Network sports for ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN.  We also  produce work for other major corporate clients and produce feature films (You can see Megalodon on the Sci Fi Network).  Our 6 DVD series, “Boating and Water Safety For Kids and Families” can be branded for manufacturers and we suggest offering DVD 1 as standard equipment on new boats with the rest of the DVDs offered as optional equipment.  Selling the remainder of the set would more than offset the cost of DVD 1.  Wholesale pricing is available to manufacturers. 

Sea Quest Kids is a blast!  Kids and adults love Sea Quest Kids!

Please consider how supporting Sea Quest Kids can help your firm meet its corporate objectives in marketing and PR.